Friday, January 30, 2009

Temple Trip

Kona Hawaii Temple

The Laie Hawaii Temple closed its door for renovation at the end of December. But that didn't stop our bishop.  
With the next closest temple on the Big Island of Hawaii, our bishop challenged our ward to save and prepare to go on a ward temple trip every 6 months.  It was planned out to start the new year with going to Kona.  And so we did... 
We left on an early Saturday morning, before the sun was up, made the hour long drive to the airport in a school bus, took the half hour flight and made it to the temple for the 11 am session.  Afterward, we were able to do service in the temple, by cleaning it. We then had a delicious lunch that was prepared by the relief society of  a ward there then headed back home to Oahu. 
It was a wonderful time and a beautiful temple. Im grateful and feel blest that we were able to attend. 

Beautiful orchids cover the temple grounds. I love it.

A little caught off guard.

The Kona Airport. 

The runway-on top of a lava field.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We've Got a First Timer Here.

For the New Years, Josh came and visited us all in Hawaii. He was here about 2 1/2 weeks. It was So great to have another family here! It almost felt like he lived here. Hopefully we did our job at convincing you to come back and possibly move here! =] 
Some of the highlights of his trip... at least for us.
Our trip to Tantlus after Josh, Trevor & Lauren picked up Jason & I from the airport. 

Sunday drives around the island....
The view from Pali Lookout--thats Coconut Island, where the only coral reef preserve is and where the opening scene to "Giligans Island" was filmed. 
Pali Lookout is the most windy spot on the island. 
It is here where a battle took place to unite all of the Hawaiian Islands during the time of King Kamehemeha

Mr. GQ and the old Pali highway behind him. 

The Valley of the Temples. 
A little bit misleading as there really is just this one Buddist Temple. It still is quite beautiful back there. 

Dole Plantation. 
They have delicious pineapple ice cream!, that for a cone, literally cost more than an arm & a leg. 

Pearl Harbor. 
We were rather lucky on this day, rather than waiting a couple of hours to get a tour, the line was short that we got in within 30 mins.

We also visited the "LOST" beach set. Josh noticed something beached on was a monk seal.

Guess they don't like to be pet/bothered.

Beach Dayz...
The winters are unpredictable here in Hawaii. Some days the weathers good, other days you have to wait out the rain & clouds. Some days the surf is good, other days, good luck even getting in the water.
This was one of those days....
We attempted to spend the day at Keikis.

Ever seen the "Big Bounce'?

But the beach was closed. 
We later learned that all the beaches on the North Shore were closed that day. 

  Our beautiful Keikis; that the day before looked like this.....

now looked like this....

Sunset Beach.
There is normally a huge shoreline with tons of sand. 
Now it was all under water. 

Look, thats the sidewalk at the bottom of the picture! 
That didn't ruin our spirits, we headed back toward our town and enjoyed the sun at Hukilau beach. 

 "Stairway to Heaven"
Josh & Jason went with a few other of our friends early morning--4am--to hike "Stairway to Heaven". The hike is up the Ko'olau mountain range that splits down the middle of the island. It is about 3,000, almost vertical stairs. 
Kaneohe before sunrise.
The stairs.
If you look closely to the right side of the picture, you can see the stairway.

On a clear day, up at the top apparently you can see the whole island. Too bad it was pretty cloudy. 

Success!  Good Job Men!! 

In the middle of his vacation out here in Hawaii, because he did well during his summer job, Josh got treated by the company to a vacation in Mexico. The day he left for Mexico Josh & I spent some time in Honolulu.
Went to the International Marketplace. 
Shopping on the strip. 
And we went & checked out Kahala Resort. 
Unfortunately we left our wallets in the car, so we didn't have the $600 on hand to get to swim with the dolphins, maybe next time. 

Yeh, not quite ripe. 

This is how we get our fruit here on the island.

At one of the LOST sets..."the Others" houses. 
Cant wait to see this episode!

Im pretty sure Josh went here EVERYDAY. I am also pretty sure he had just about every flavor.  His favorite...I think green apple, watermelon & pineapple. But you'd have to ask him.

Where we suspect Charlie from LOST got hung. 
Josh just had to swing from the banyan tree.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Birthday Girl!

Although its slightly belated (January 9th)...

Happy Birthday Tressa! 

We hope you had a wonderful day and that this new year will bring you lots of happiness! 
Bro-Jah & SisMish  

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years!

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ..Happy New Year!"

We spent New Years Eve/morning with our closest friends back in Arizona. The Danielsons, Bakers and Jensens. We were also SO happy to have Hilary Coates join us!! (She was in town from Europe for the Holiday and for her brothers wedding)
We had a great time chatting, laughing, eating, playing and ringing in the new year.

Our host & hostess, Justin & Sarah Danielson.

Around the World Ping Pong.

With only a few days to another month left in their pregnancys,
Lauren & Heather both played a few games. We were just hoping with all the running around, it wouldn't send Lauren into labor.

Getting ready for the countdown to the new year.
Jason was yelling from the inside..."3, 2, 1..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!"
After all the noise outside, we were told, "quick, get inside before the neighbors call the cops!" ha ha

Heather Baker (Due Feb. 8th? ) & Lauren Jensen (Due Jan. 7th)

Im still getting use to the new camera Jason and I treated ourselves to for our anniversary & Christmas; I thought I put on the timer for 10 seconds so I could run into the shot, apparently I turned it on for 10 shots. We all had a good laugh about how many shots the camera kept taking.
The Group.

The Ladies.
The Gents.
[Minus Jacob--the other picture with all the boys didn't turn out :( ]