Friday, September 19, 2008

Favorite Class of ALL Time.

{Papa B and Natalie will appreciate this post....}

----Caution, this post may be a bit morbid----

Jason and I went through the agony and pain of the Elementary Anatomy class last semester and succeeded! If your lucky enough to make it through and are a senior, you can take the Advanced Anatomy class. There are only 5 people allowed in that class and we are lucky enough to have taken up 2 of those slots.
There are only 5 people in this class because we get to dissect the cadaver that the elementary class will learn from the following semester. Cadavers come from the University of Hawaii medical school, this one is Margaret. She past away due to Cardiopulmary dysfunction. She has had a mysectomy and she has had surgery on both of her knees. She lived a long life, passing away at the age of 92. And we are grateful she donated her body to science so that we can learn.

In the first class we started on her back, Jason and I both had the gluteal region (her booty). After taking off the adipose tissue, we were able to locate the muscles, nerves and blood vessels in that region. When dissecting, I located a cyst. That was really interesting. After dissecting an area, we are quized about what we found and then, move on. These quizes are MUCH better than the ones in elementary anatomy. We all got 102%!
We have since moved on to the front and have been locating the muscles, nerves and blood vessels of the brachial cephalic region (the upper chest, shoulders, neck region).
This class has already been such a great learning experience. We are so grateful to be in it!

The show "Bodies, The Exhibition" is here in Hawaii and several of our friends from elemenarty anatomy and Jason & I have been wanting to go see it, but just haven't yet. Well, the first day of class our professor brought it up and said he wants to take our class!!! We're so excited!-not only to see it but to see it on the Biology Departments tab is even better! =]

"Back to School, Back to School, To Prove to Dad That I'm Not a Fool"

We knew it would come. We loved having a summer break, a chance to "breathe", to play, to relax, to make extra money, to spend time with family and friends, to not be in school, but the time has come.

And so we've gathered our school supplies, purchased books and began our new semester. We actually have been in school for about 2 and 1/2 weeks. And so far so good.

Jason and I think we're pretty lucky; we are both Pre-Professional Biology majors and so we have been in a lot of the same classes. Some people wonder if that really is a good thing, but honestly we both like it. We also get asked, "who's smarter?" We took a statistics class together and our professor told us that she's never had a husband and wife team do so closely as far as our grades.

This semester we are both taking Immunolgy, the Immunolgy lab, Advanced Anatomy (our favorite class!), and Senior Research. Jason is enrolled in Genetics, Genetics lab, and a class for his position at work. And I am enrolled in Senior Biology (as this is my last unergraduate semester). So we have all but one class together.

We are also both working. Jason had applied for a Resident Advisor (R.A.) at the apartment complex we live in for married student housing for the upcoming school year, but didnt get it. So he decided not to work, and focus his time with school. However, over the summer he got a job as a tempory R.A. (Thank you Lauren for submitting his name!) It was only supposed to be over the summer, but one of the newly hired RA's backed out so, they called up Jason and offered him the job. Our prayers were answered! The job doesn't pay hourly but it pays our rent, so we're VERY grateful! I am working as a student secretary in the Biology Department. It has been great for helping others, studying, and I've definately gotten to know the professors a little better-which will hopefully lead to some nice letters of recommendation.

I have already had one exam and Jason has one coming up, so we've been kept very busy. It will be a tough semester, but we're ready for the challenge!

If we seem to have gone missing we're either in class, at work or in the library.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Somewhere over the Rainbow

The other weekend the Wilburs and Jason & I got to spend the later afternoon at Keikeis beach (it's a favorite of mine & Jasons!). After the beach we decided not to head back to Laie, but take advantage of being out and about, so we went to dinner at a favorite Thai food place in Haliewa, "Haliewa Eats". On our way to Haliewa, we saw the most beautiful rainbow! We did a double take and noticed there were 2 of them! They were huge and so close to us. They seemed to follow us to dinner. It was a great end to our afternoon at the beach.
A beautiful sunset to a beautiful day.

Monday, September 8, 2008

An Un-Laborous Labor Day...

Hooray for a day off!
Although we only started school on Wednesday (August 27th), it was nice to have a day off on Monday. The night before we got invited a BBQ at Castles Beach; filled with surfing, friends, food and sun. We gladly accepted the invitation!
{Thanks Hayley-I stole this picture off your blog. =]}

Jason, Josh, Hayley and I stopped at Foodland (its "the" grocery store-the only one really on the north shore), stocked up on hot dogs, drinks and chips and headed out. Unfortunately we forgot our camera, meaning no pictures. =( The boys enjoyed surfing, while the girls enjoyed soaking up the sun and good conversations. There were a few attack of Blue Bubbles (a type of jellyfish), but we all made it home safetly.

Because Jason & I procrastinated reading a chapter for a class, we decided we better read at least some. After reading, we met up with Josh and Hayley once more. They had us try some Thai Curry they made-which was delicious! Then headed to a surprise birthday party. We ate, mingled, and watched a PiƱata be busted open. Although we had an early start with school the next morning, Hayley had been wanting s'mores all weekend so after the party we had Josh and Hayley over for a little snack. Trevor and Lauren had taught us how to toast the perfect marshmallow {without a campfire} and we dove right in. They were delicious and a great way to end a 3 day weekend. ...the only thing missing was having spent the day without Trevor, Lauren, Nick & Tara.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Home Sweet Home with a suprising Treasure Hunt!

This post is a little late, but better late than never.

Airport in Guam-and Crazy one blade fans.
Ever seen 'Red-Eye'?- this plane had little T.Vs right on the seat in front of you. The controllers had phones on one side and other side was the remote for the TV & video games you could play to keep yourself entertained (Jason killed at 'BlackJack').

We left Saipan Wednesday morning around 4am. But flew in from Saipan Tuesday night around 6:30pm. There was work to be done with the project we had done in Saipan, but we all decided instead of going back the next day that we just wanted to get it done that night. So we worked for another hour and didn’t really get home until about 9pm.
And this is what we came home to…

While in Saipan, Trevor, Lauren, Josh, Hayley, Nick and Tara had decided that it would fun to hide random notes in our shoes, pockets, dresser drawers, & other random locations around our apartment; that idea quickly spread into a theme. They found Halloween decorations in the TVA “freebie bin”. This Pirate theme eventually came out to be a treasure hunt for Jason & I.

"A treasure map ye have found, After a long voyage feel free to drop a pound."
" A word of caution....Dont stray from the clues. Be not disturbed by the booty, wenches and booze."

"As ye have sailed across the seas ye must be tired so rest ye head. A wench be waiting for you in the bed"

"Manuscripts, records, paper & pen, words bounds together remind of them."

"At the end of the day when you stink to high heavens, come visit me & shower yer melons"

"A cold drink of rum to wash down the food, so shut the door and don't be rude"

(it was apple juice)
"A good man mere lost his life guarding our treasure, Search through his booty as yer courage be measure"

"Be ye at rest, yer treasure be found in the Deadman's Chest"

A treasure chest filled with surprises...Thank you Trevor and Lauren for the jackets! Thank you Nikki for the reusable grocery bag! Thank you so Much Mom for the creative photo album! Thank you Mom & Dad for the sweet card! Thank you Valerie & Marc for the birthday e-card card & surprise 'inside' (I'm buying shoes & bought movies with it =] ). And thank you for the thoughtful birthday cards (Nonny & Poppy; Gina, Matt & Family; Grandma Ellsworth, Brad & Delpha Hall)!
And thank you, thank you Trevor, Lauren, Josh, Hayley, Nick & Tara for the wonderful welcome home!!

Not only did we come home to this surpise, but we got a new entryway-they ripped out the carpet & added tile.
And we also got a new couch! Yahoo! Although the fabric is one you'd "see in a casino", it's actually rather nice, comparatively speaking anyway. We bought a slip cover a few days later. But, sorry, no pictures of it.

It is great to be home!