Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Keeping Active

 I dont know exactly where this 'tennis itch' came from, but within the last few weeks, {in the evenings} you're likely to find us out on the courts as we all play a couple of times a week. Its become a slight addiction. 
My times on the court have definitely slowed down--with the growing belly getting in the way of running around and bending down to pick up the balls. 
But its been a great way to get outdoors and get some exercise.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Year??

My sister called to wish me a Happy 25th Birthday on Monday, I wish she were right...she was a year too late as this year I've turned a quarter of a century plus one. 
The big 26

Our night away in Honolulu the weekend before was the perfect present, especially since Jason had class and work on Monday so we didn't get to spend time together until that night. Since everyone was busy that day I decided to work a few hours myself but that night we had some family and friends over for dinner and some activities.  

 We made my favorite ice cream, my great grandmothers recipe--Lemon Cream Shebert {THE most delicious you'll ever eat!!!} and decorated our own cakes with homemade fondant. All Jasons idea which was perfect cause he knows how much I LOVE desserts! 

Everyone took turns shaking a ziplock bag until it was nice and ice creamy.  We all deserved ice cream as we all burnt off the calories before eating.   
We really like the show Ace of Cakes so Jason really wanted to make a cake that we could put fondant over.  I helped Jason find a recipe and he went to work.  The fondant turned out pretty good (good job Jay!).  And we made personal cakes so that everyone could make their own "Ace of Cake".

The creative geniuses at work...Decorating our own "Ace of Cake".

Thanks to everyone for coming over and helping to celebrate, and for the Birthday wishes! 
 It was a very happy Birthday!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Jason and I decided that we both needed a night away.  We decided that with the baby coming less than 2 months {and as a birthday retreat} we needed some time to relax and to relax together. This past weekend we got a great deal on a hotel in Honolulu for a night (an hour away for our version of a vacation) and headed on down. The moment we got there we immediately headed for the pool. Neither of us had been a pool for over a year. We spent quite a bit of time there and enjoying watching some MTV in our room.(We don't get that channel in our student housing. haha). Later we went over to the mall and then out for dinner and dessert. It was  great time away from schedules, our phones and the norm and away from Laie; if only for 24 hours.
The view from our room, 32 stories up. 
 The elevators; they freaked me out to ride (I swear I felt like the wind was going to make the elevator detach and sway us right off the side of the hotel!), but Jason LOVED them!

Monday, August 17, 2009

31 week Photoshoot. (end of the 7th month)

A HUGE Thank You to Jason for taking these photos! 

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Jason & I have been SO blessed to have shared the first {almost} 3 years of our marriage out here in Laie, Hawaii. We have gained an education, life long friendships and a stronger relationship with one another. 
Come this December it will be time for change; Jason will complete his bachelors degree and we will be moving on from this amazing place. 

We are thrilled to move to the mainland and be closer to family and friends there, but when Jason brought home the printed confirmation of our ONE WAY flight back to AZ  tears came to my eyes. {And even as I'm writing this, they are flowing back.}  Hawaii has been our home. And always will be. 

For now, for the next 4 1/2 months, we will embrace everything we can while here.  Enjoying the sun, the numerous beaches, the friends, the smells of the plumerias & the gardenias, the sunsets, our small apartment, our nightly walks around town, the hour long drive to more civilization (Honolulu),  the random showers of rain, the wonderful breezes, the short walk to the temple as well as the view, the fresh coconut, pineapple and mangos, the T.V.A lifestyle, trips to Foodland for melona bars, and our life together.