Saturday, March 13, 2010

5 months.

Its been 5 months since we've had this little joy in our lives.

We just LOVE him to pieces and are so grateful he's a part of our family!
Happy 5 months little Dude!

At his {very late...(2wks ago)} 4 month check up Deacon was
weighing in at 17lbs 1 oz. {75 percentile}
27 inches long {93 percentile}.
He also got a few shots. I'm happy the nurse did them quickly. The poor little guy was not happy. And my heart just broke a little to see him in pain.

Deacon has recently discovered that he has toes. Although he'd love to suck on them, he cant quite get them in his mouth just yet. But he Loves to reach for them.

He started eating rice cereal. And like it. We're excited to move up from cereal and try something else {fruits & veggies} soon.

Not quite sure what his hair color some light it looks auburn-like in others it's brown.

Around 4 1/2 months these two beauties crept their way into his mouth.
He was getting a little more fussy, his sleeping pattern had changed a little and he started loving sucking on his {or anyone he could get his hands onto} fingers, but I didn't think much of it. I'd been asked a few times if he was teething, but I thought he was too young. I was wrong. And one morning I really felt it..they just poked their way through over night. Thankfully they didn't bother him. He must have a strong tolerance for pain, thank goodness!

And he's finally tall enough to play in this amazing toy! He is fascinated by the all the fun things on this saucer. And he loves to use it to bounce.
{huge thank you to Bill and Tara for this great toy!}

--D loves to look at everything. Every time we enter a new room his head goes back & forth at lightening speed.
--He is quite the talker. Although we can't understand him he could talk for hours.
--Constantly learning & making new sounds. He tries hard to mimic the sounds of everyone around him.
--Loves to blow bubbles with his saliva.
--Loves to roll his tongue over his 2 new teeth often sticking it out at us.

The other day D and I went for a walk around the neighborhood and around the park. He started getting fussy and tired of being in the Baby Bjourn but by the time we got home his is how the walk ended.

The tricky part was getting him out without waking him...
I was unsuccessful.
It was a short nap.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cereal Already?

With his little teeth coming in we thought that might be an indicator that its time to try some rice cereal. {That and we remembered the Wilburs had Channing try cereal around the same time and he had slept really good; we were hoping for the same. =] }

On Tuesday March 9th Jason went out and got cereal and new spoons. He was a little hesitant at first but after a few 'bite' {slurps} Jason couldn't feed him fast enough. Deacon was practically diving in for it.

He likes it!

Just one thing...unlike little Channing we're stilling waiting for him to sleep from sun down to past sun up. Guess the cereal isn't quite as filling as we had hoped!