Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Under the Sea"...Baby Shower!

Lauren & Kendilyn threw me the most beautiful baby shower a few nights ago, Sept. 14.  
It was a "Whale/Under The Sea" theme.. Including all the fixin's... homemade sail boats, whale crackers, a chocolate fountain, bubbles, little umbrellas for the drinks...Adorable!  No detail was left untouched, a huge Thank you to the both of you for the time, effort and creativity you put into it! It was perfect!
And thank you to all of you that came! =)

Sarah & I.

Nanako, Eryi, Francis and Sione

Tara, Aushra and Jen

Jasons Mom, Valerie & sister Tressa.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I've been wanting to go camping for a while now, but its been too hot! and lets face it, we just havent taken the time to plan it & my belly (the baby) is not getting any smaller. So for our date night last weekend, I told Jason that I had it covered. He ended up having to work Saturday evening which worked out perfectly. While he was at work, I went to work myself. 
(Yup, thats whiteout.)

I had originally planned on us making foil dinners, but it just didn't sound appetizing at the time so we made homemade buffalo wings (thanks for the recipe Trevor! They turned out really good).  While our food settled we played some Uno under the stars (hanging from our homemade tent). And lets just say Jason was a good sport to loose terribly to me. Ha ha. 
We finished the evening by our "campfire" roasting marshmallows and eating Smores. 
For not actually being out camping in the woods, it still was a great time spent with one another.