Saturday, November 29, 2008

We're Thankful for....

This Thanksgiving we ate a delicious dinner with family & friends. Trevor & Lauren hosted the event at their apt; since our apartments are so huge, they took out all their furniture and moved it to their bedroom. We used their table along with 2 others to make one big table for a total of 10 to sit. Everyone contributed with making something for the feast. There was plenty of amazing food the only thing that was missing was the rest of our families.
After eating, Jason threw out the idea of going to the beach to help burn off some of the calories we put on. The guys went boogie boarding while the ladies enjoyed the sand. With the sun nearly down & the wind blowing, we all thought was too cold to get in! After burning a few calories at the beach, we cleaned up Trevor and Lauren's house and since there was now room for dessert we enjoyed some delicious pies {pumpkin, pecan, chocolate haupia, macadamia nut}.
It was a great Thanksgiving, a wonderful day spent with family and friends here in Hawaii.

The table, the bird, the feast, the carve, the Wilburs, the Bullocks,
The husband (Jason) & The Korean =] (Hoon), the Holladays &
the Nelsons (Tara's brother and sis-in-law), the pie.

P.S. Dad, do you recognize the table cloth??
It was the one you sent last year to
Trevor & Lauren and Jason & I.
Thank You!

Happy Birthday!

Another Birthday for the month of November!
Born on Thanksgiving day and this year it also landed on Thanksgiving day.

We Love you!
Happy Birthday Trevor!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

"One Year Older & Wiser too, Happy Birthday to You!"

Its Laurens 25th Birthday today!
They invited us over to hang out and eat delicious
Ted's Bakery Cake & the famous Chocolate Haupia Pie--a favorite of Laurens. The cake was specially written on by Mr. Ted himself.

Happy Birthday! We love you!

Welcome Back!

Hayley is back from her trip to the Middle East, welcome home!  We're excited to hear about all your adventures!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

We cant Believe It!

Two years have past since we were married & sealed together
for time and eternity in the Mesa, Arizona temple.
It has been the best two years.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Enjoying the waves and the sand at Keikis

Jason's Aunt and cousin (LorFlor) came to visit the island this past week. We were rather busy with school and our ward calling, but got to take time out to enjoy their company. We had a great time showing them around the North Shore, giving them a guided tour. And wined and dined with some pro surfers when we at our favorite restaurant, Haleiwa Eats, Thai Food-we have to take everyone when they come, its that delicious! The waves are getting bigger up here, so we stopped at Pipeline; there wasn't a competition going on, but there were plenty of pros out there trying. We checked out Sunset Beach, our favorite beach-Keikis, the ancient Hawaiian temple of Pu'u 'o Mahauka Heiau above Waimea, and drove out to Keena Point.  We had to go back to school on Monday, although it was kind of raining, they went out and had a good time. But they reported news of a cracked rib as they attempted to boogie board the strong waves at Waimea.  Hopefully they are healing quickly and painlessly! It was great to have you guys here!, come back anytime!  
In front of the Volcom house at Pipeline

Candid shot at Pipeline.

Josh Wilbur!

Happy Birthday! (it was his birthday the 17th)
We hope you had a great day! 

His wife has been out of town-traveling with a class off the island, so she planned a BBQ with some friends before she left.  We ate, laughed, and played. Afterward we went bowling.  

 Since his wife was away on his actual birthday, she planned for Jason and I to surprise Josh with tons of stuff to decorate their apartment.  We waited until he was in class & got to work. Hayley really did have TONS of stuff to put up (4 different colored streamers, balloons, signs, posters, etc), Jason & I had a great time doing it.  It was rather clean when we got to their apt. but by the time we left it "looked like there was a party in there".  We forgot our camera to capture everything, so we'll have to get pictures from Josh. 
Anyhow, Josh, we hope you had a wonderful birthday! 

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is "Papa B's" 60th Birthday!
(my Dad, he coined that nickname through one of my friends)

I am so lucky to have him as a father;
he is a wonderful example of hardwork and love, among many other things. He has been through a lot in his life, but is still optimistic for things to come.
He has a wonderful heart and loves his family more than anything. We love when he gets frustrated and says, "Gooosh!"

I love how when he feels the spirit he blames it on allergies.

I love his big smile.

I love you Dad!
Happy Birthday!
I hope you have a wonderful day!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Picture Tagged.

This ones for you Heather; Yes, I finally did it! =]) 

The fourth picture in the fourth folder was.....

This picture was taken out of a window in the stairwell of the hotel/apt complex during our trip to Saipan. 
(We didn't have a beach front view, so this had to suffice. haha)
 The water in Saipan is crystal clear with not a wave around. 
The perfect conditions for snorkeling. 
I love that there is storm brewing out in the ocean.  
Just were the water has changed colors is on the other side of the reef & where the ocean floor drops about 20 feet; 
it is the most gorgeous blue I've ever seen. 
Thats  also were Jason was being watched by and spotted a shark.  
Thank goodness he got bored with us and swam away! 
Good memories.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween!

To celebrate we all dressed up and
decided to go to the first annual Polynesian Cultural Center 
Haunted Lagoon for Halloween Night. 

Jason was Hole Punch Jim (from "The Office) & I was 
Little Red Riding Hood (forgot to grab my basket for the picture). 
Josh was a Scottish Man (with his homemade kilt from the freebie bin) 
 & Hayley was a creepy old cat woman. 
 Sorry Hayley, but we had to see the back side, it was the best. haha. 

 Lauren was Punky Brewster & Trevor was Kip (from Napolean Dynamite).

Tara was 'ready for bed' & Nick was Napolean. 

It was Nia's first Halloween, so we made her dress up.  =]
She was a baseball player & her husband Jacob was Dr. Phil. 

They did a great job with the Haunted Lagoon. Lots of that even sent someone in our group out of her seat into the lap of the girl sitting behind us.  I think we all agreed the best part was the girl with long black hair that covered her face (think of "The Ring") that walked/crawled across the water and fell under the canoe we were sitting in & popped back up on the other side and came after some of us.

After the Haunted Lagoon, we tried to watch 
"So I Married an Axe Murderer"
 but the majority of us fell asleep so we called it a night. 
Happy Halloween!!!

Crazy Fun Game.

After watching "The Office" last Thursday night, we really wanted to carve pumpkins with it being Halloween Eve. We went to the 2 grocery stores near our apartment complex on the North Shore & all we came home with was groceries (they were much needed) and pumpkin carving tools that had been on sale. Bummer! We seriously contemplated carving watermelons.

To ease our minds about not carving pumpkins, Jason pulled out the bucket of flour, a plate, a cup, a kitchen knife and a button. And exclaimed he had a game. He packed the flour tightly in the cup, put it upside down on the plate & added a button to the top. The game was like Jenga; only with flour and you cut away the flour until you reach the button without making the button fall. Whoever makes it fall has to get it out with their teeth. It was a rather fun game and very funny to watch those who had to dig it out. Poor Hayley got it the worst.

Thank you Hayley for the pictures! (Since I didnt take any that night, I took them from your blog. =] )

Cosmic Bowling.

Last weekend instead of going to the Fall Ball, a bunch of us went Cosmic Bowling in the game center on campus. Lucky for us all games were 1/2 off. What a great deal cause it ended up being $.75 to bowl one game! We had a lot of fun talking, bowling & dancing to the music. Even little Jillani got the whole game center watching him shake it.
Tara & Nick
Jermaine, Jelani, Nick & Shawna.
Tyler and Kate Turner with Hayley peeking through.
Since the game center is so close to TVA we walked and by the end of the night seriously rethought our mistake. On our way home, the Hawaiian rains hit; only it didnt come & go---it came and ended up staying all night. Needless to say, we had a great time playing in the rain while running home.