Tuesday, June 29, 2010

oh wow.

Got this picture text from Jason while I was away in Arizona....

Grandma Bullocks Funeral Weekend

With my Grandmas health on the decline these past few years, Jason and I had been preparing our selves for word of her passing. In the long run, it was the best for her to be released of her body here on Earth and return to her Father in Heaven as well as seeing Grandpa once again.

It was pretty incredible that she had held on to say goodbye to all of them. The weekend prior too her passing Aunt Tracey from Oregon had flew down to spend some time with her, uncle Vic from California drove over to see her, a few weeks prior uncle John from Texas was here to see her and uncle Bill from Utah had made it just in time to give her kiss and tell her he loved her before she passed away silently in her bed.

Shortly after, the news had spread and we received word of her passing. Due to funds, Deacon and I were the only ones able to fly back to Arizona for the funeral. We found a good flight and made our way home. With Jason working non-stop, Deacon and I decided to stay a few extra days after the funeral to spend time with family. We packed our bag and hitched a ride with a friend to the airport as we flew out Friday June 18th. I was betting on using clothes I had left at home and only packed 1 bag for Deacon & I. Traveling alone with a baby was pretty stressful. I didn’t put much thought into it before going, thinking, “no problem, I can do this.” It was pretty rough. We didn’t bring Deacons stroller with us to Alabama, thinking that we would just buy an umbrella stroller if we needed one, so had to carry Deacon the whole time. I had Deacon, his car seat, my handbag and our carry-on bag---that didn’t have wheels, just my shoulder. After I got his car seat checked on that lightened my load for sure. But that little guy sure is getting heavy. We checked in, letting the agent know that I was flying alone with him, hoping for an empty row. And that’s what it was looking like we’d get. Turns out the flight before us got cancelled so some of those passengers got on our flight and the flight became completely full. No biggie right? Wrong. Our flight actually had a lay over in Atlanta, Georgia, so we were on a small plane due to the short flight. Deacon and I were put in the very back to the plane. Isle seat. Picture this—someone at the window seat, us, the flight attendant, and then another 2 passengers and all of us shoulder to shoulder. And I still nurse Deacon during take-offs and landings so his ears pop. Lets just say it was a good thing I packed some formula just in case. He ended up sleeping the whole time, thankfully. And it was only a little over an hour flight. And the women sitting next to me was very kind. We arrive in ALT; I immediately go the gate agent verifying the gate for the flight to PHX. She directs me to the correct gate. Or so she thought. That airport is HUGE! I walk down the super long corridor, down the escalator, take the tram to the next terminal, up the escalator, down another long corridor to the gate, verify that we were in the correct spot and was told, “sorry, its been moved to another gate.” I turn around and walk down the super long corridor and to the other gate. Talk to the agent making sure I was in the right spot and wanting to ask how the flight looked (to see if Deacon and I could get a row to our self). But the flight heading out before us was delayed so she couldn’t even help me until she got that taken care of. I take a seat to finally put my bags and deacon down and catch a breath. I’m practically shaking because I’m so thirsty and hungry and exhausted with hold D and our heavy bag. I quickly eat my cold pizza I bought at the Birmingham airport, the one I thought I would get to eat on the previous flight. I notice that the agent is still trying to figure out the flight and so Deacon and I head to the restroom and then to grab some water. By the time I’m done changing him, getting he & I cleaned up we make our way back to the gate and it’s practically deserted! WHAT?? Did they board our flight already?? I’m freaking out, quickly head to the counter and ask a gentleman in line if they boarded the flight to PHX. He was kind enough to let me know they hadn’t and actually had moved the flight back to the original gate. Oh my! So I tread back down the super long corridor to the other gate. I made it. I went immediately to the gate agent to check on the status and occupancy of the flight. She put me in a middle seat. Lovely. Now I’m praying that it doesn’t fill up. While waiting to board an older gentlemen offers to hold one of my bags, seeing that my arms were full. I let him, but kept a watchful eye on him. You never know. He was very kind and helpful. We boarded and another kind woman offered to hold Deacon while I got our stuff all situated. She was traveling alone, but turns out she’s done the traveling alone with kids a number of times, her husbands in the military. We got ourselves in place and waited to take off. With every passenger finding his or her seat I got more and more antsy, just praying and hoping that no one was sitting in our row. Finally, the flight attendant came on the intercom to let us know we’d be taking off. PHEW! And thank heavens; we had our own row! When I was able to finally let out a sigh of relief I get a tap on my shoulder from a woman behind us…she just wanted to inform me that she had been watching Deacon and I while we were waiting at the gate to board, she said Deacon was so well behaved, adorable and looked like a sweet heart. She’s right; he was wonderful the whole time. Loved to people watch and was happy to walk back and forth. He was a trooper!

When we took off Deacon was mesmerized with watching everything ‘fly’ by, but he was exhausted so ended up falling asleep rather quickly and ended up sleeping the remainder of the flight.

We arrived in Phoenix and the rest of the trip was kind of a blur. My cousins and aunts and uncles all arrived within the next few days and with us all living in different states it was great to be able to see them all again. There were some that I hadn’t seen since my grandpa died, about 17 years.

Sunday was Fathers Day, so we all got together and went around telling something about our Dads, a story from growing up, something that we learned from him, something that reminds us of him. It was great to hear stories and be together as a family. Unfortunately, Deacon and I missed being with Jason on his first Fathers Day. We were so bummed for that. But got to chat and take some pictures to send of little D.

Monday the women of the group-my aunts, mom, sisters and cousins went to ‘Dress’ Grandma for the funeral the following day. We put her in her temple clothes, did her hair and makeup. We talked of stories of Grandma, of memories we had of her and made with her. We talked about the way she would have wanted her hair-she loved it big and curled. When we finished she looked natural & beautiful. And then we each got a minute or two to say our last goodbyes. Although it was only her body, with her spirit having left it, it was a wonderful experience. Later that day the siblings talked over Grandmas affairs-none of us wanted to be there so all the cousins went swimming. We had plans of having a BBQ in the evening followed by a FHE with everyone. Plans soon changed. The meeting with all the siblings ran a little long so we went to In-n-Out for already made burgers. We met up at the condo afterward for the FHE but Josh was looking pretty bad, he ended up throwing up a few times. My stomach had been bothering me, and I also ended up throwing up as well. With the combination of heat and not drinking enough water, Josh was not doing well at all, Trevor and Dad gave him a blessing and ended up taking him to the ER., they pumped him with fluids as he ended up being severally dehydrated. As for me, despite what people were thinking-that I was pregnant. I think I had a 24 or 48hr. flu bug. I just drank lots of fluids. And the next day still wasn’t feeling great, but a bit better. Turns out my cousins daughter had to also be taken to the children’s ER that night due to a urinary infection.

The next day, Tuesday, was the funeral. We were all suppose to be there early, but with me not feeling that well, I showed up just before the funeral and just before they closed that casket. I am glad I got to say my goodbyes the day prior. Although I spent the majority of the service out in the lobby with Deacon, it was a beautiful service for Grandma. Wonderful stories and memories of her by Uncle John and Aunt Tracey and Dad, as well a song that Kendilyn (who is serving a mission), recorded and sent to be played. It was perfect.

After the service we headed to a brief service at the gravesite. Brady played two wonderful songs on his saxophone, more memories were shared and Uncle Bill said a beautiful prayer. With the Arizona temperature, it was brief and we headed back to the church building to spend more time together as a family. Josh’s flight back to Alabama was actually right after the funeral, so Trevor, Nikki, deacon and I took him to the airport. I was starting to not feel very good once again, and Trevor and Nikki weren’t either so we headed home to rest. That flu bug was rather contagious, as it turned out just about every one of my family-immediate and extended ended up getting sick.

I was able to spend a few more days in Arizona to spend time with family. It was great, as we hadn’t seen each other in a while. We relaxed and told stories and went through Grandmas stuff.

I am so grateful that families are eternal. I am grateful to know that I will be able to see my Grandma and Grandpa once again.

Deacon and I were also able to have dinner visit with Jasons family. It was so fun to put Deacon next to little Luke. I can’t believe Deacon was once that little.

Josh forgot a lot of stuff in Arizona that he wanted me to bring back to him when I flew back to Alabama, and because he did he offered to pay for a bag to be checked. That was a huge help not to have to carry my bag like on the flight to Arizona. And I borrowed my parents’ umbrella stroller to help lighten the load with carrying Deacon as well. But my flight back to Alabama was just as much as an adventure as it was getting to Arizona. We once again had a middle seat, so of course my hopes were high that we’d have the whole row again. That hope was shattered as I learned the flight was completely full. Deacon was pretty tired, so I once again hoped that he’d sleep the whole flight. Once again that also didn’t happen. He slept for just a short while, which wouldn’t have been a problem except the flight ended up being longer than expected. With a storm moving in over Atlanta, where our connecting flight was, we were sent to Chattanooga, Tennessee. With many other planes also sent there, we waited on the jet way for a gate to refuel for over an hour. Deacon was getting fussy, hungry and tired of sitting in one spot. I was getting overwhelmed with being stuck in the middle and trying to deal with him. Thankfully I was sitting by some nice people that offered food and for us to walk around. Jason was on the phone as soon as he heard our flight was delayed to check the status of my connecting flight, hoping that we wouldn’t miss that one and be stuck at the airport overnight. If our plane made it back to ATL we’d have to book it to the connecting flight or we would be stuck. Our prayers were heard and finally we were on our way back to ATL. As soon as we got off the plane Deacon and I ran to the connecting flight, they were calling the last few rows before taking off. Thankfully for us our connecting flight had been delayed for a few hours so we made it just in the nick of time! That flight was really empty so Deacon and I got to sit wherever we wanted with a row to ourselves. After watching the lights while taking off, Deacon slept peacefully the whole time to Alabama. Once we landed, of course we went to get our bag as well as the car seat, and like a cherry on top if it all, of course neither of them made the flight. After dealing with the luggage and getting a car seat to borrow we were on our way back to the hotel with Jason. It was nice to be on the ground and especially nice be with him once again.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one that had a hard time getting home after the funeral, several of my extended family also ran into problems, with cars breaking down to flights being cancelled or redirected. We all joke that of course all of us to have problems getting there and leaving. Ha. Ha.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Moving on to Something Better.

After being apart for 19 years, my beautiful Grandma Bullock has finally been reunited with her Sweetheart. She passed away June 16th, 2010, quietly in her bed.

I am grateful for her legacy she left behind.

I will cherish the memories we have made together, with our family and with her and I. The sleepovers & then watching Nick at Night, getting ice cream (& her getting Taz, {her dog} his own bowl), playing Phase 10 and Dominoes, the barbeques at her house, summers full of swimming, watching General Conference & eating this delicious Chex mix she made—I’m still trying to track down that recipe, going out to dinner & in her later years only wanting Steak, No Veggies. I’ll miss her shear honesty with saying whatever was on her mind; it made for good conversation.

I am grateful to be her namesake, Marjorie. Although a bit old-fashioned it reminds of the wonderful women she was.

Until we meet again Grandma.

Her obituary: Marjorie Killpack Bullock, 92 of Mesa, Arizona, returned peacefully to her Heavenly Father on June 16, 2010. She was born 11/04/1917 in Nephi, UT to William Leslie and Jeanette Killpack, and grew up in Driggs, ID with her sister Helen Paxman and two brothers who died in childhood. A lifetime active LDS Church member, she married Victor Collins Bullock (deceased) in the Salt Lake Temple. Later they served in the Singapore Mission. They raised 5 children in SLC, UT: Victor C Jr. (Orange, CA), John (Houston, TX), Tracey Ann Browning (Portland, OR), Kent (Mesa, AZ), and Bill (Draper, UT). She is survived by 17 grandchildren and 26 great grandchildren. A BYU graduate, Marjorie taught elementary school in UT and AZ much of her life. She was a caring wife, mother and grandmother. She will be sorely missed. Viewing 9:30 AM followed by funeral at 11 AM on June 22, 2010 at Woodglen Park Ward, 616 S Extension Rd, Mesa, AZ. Burial will follow at Mesa cemetery. Arrangement by Bunker’s Garden Chapel.

Monday, June 21, 2010


This year was Jason’s first Fathers Day. {Unfortunately my Grandma passed away a few days prior to it and we flew to AZ for the funeral.} We were so bummed that we weren’t able to spend the day with Jason! Before left we insisted on taking him to dinner, his choice; we dinned at the Outback. We had a great dinner and enjoyed time together as a family.

Before we got married, I knew he’d be a good dad, as we have had Deacon he has made that even more apparent. I love to see them together, the smiles on both of their faces as I can see how much they love each other. We are so grateful for Jason in our lives, for the wonderful husband he is to me and fabulous dad he is to Deacon.

Happy Father’s Day Jason!

(Taken on Father's Day-so we could send a 'hello' to Jason)

And a Happy Fathers Day to our amazing dads..Marc & Kent! We love you guys! And are grateful for all you do/have done for us, for your examples & your love for us.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Little Fish

With the weather getting warmer we got ourselves some bathing suits, a sun hat and rash guard for Deacon, lathered up the sunscreen and hit up the pool. It was his first time and it didn’t even faze him. When he takes a bath he loves to suck the water off his little fingers, the pool was no different. Then he quickly realized he could splash and play. We all (Jason, Uncles Josh, me & Deacon) had a good time playing in the pool; spinning in circles, bouncing, tossing him up.

Monday, June 14, 2010

8 months

(I forgot the monthly birthday cards-so we improvised)

Deacon turned 8 months on June 13 (his Aunt Natalie's Birthday)!

Weight: 20lbs

Length: 28.5inches

(according to babycenter.com....Weight = between percentile 25 and 50 Length = between percentile 50 and 75)

You are such a happy, smiley boy. And getting quite curious about everything! You recently learned to tilt and move your body slightly sideways to look 'around the corner' and love to do that often; your dad, me and others get a kick out of it. And although you have 4 teeth with 3 trying to make their way to the surface, you remain in good spirits just fussy at nights. You are not yet crawling, but are trying by moving around backwards and in circles-we have to get to go forward now. But you do love to 'walk' with the help of anyone holding your hands. Just a few days ago you learned to clap! I've been clapping & trying to show & teach you how, you studied my hands and one day you just did it yourself. It was the cutest thing. You watch intently to learn to do things yourself, I love the way you study us to figure things out yourself; like how to say a new letter, clap your hands & make new sounds. You love to make new sounds; you taught yourself the funniest thing-you run your fingers over your lips in a wave-like manner. You do it "just because" and sometimes when you get frustrated. You are getting more active and alert and hate to be left alone for too long.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


With living here in the South, Deacon has had his first ‘real’ bath in a big tub. He looks so grown-up sitting up. He loves it. His curiosity gets the best of him as he watches the water fill up a few inches, plays with the plug, and watches as the water drains when he's ready to get out.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Brookhaven, Mississippi


There is something about small towns and their downtowns that draw me to them. I love the old buildings, the architecture, the colors, the character, the wonder of the past & those who once lived there.

We spend Sunday afternoon driving through Brookhaven, {it only took about an hour}. I was infatuated with the character of the town. I wish I would have taken some pictures as we drove through the old neighborhoods, but I was too distracted with the charm of the homes. Beautiful antebellum, plantation homes. With tons of windows. With shutters. With color hidden in the brush of trees and plants and flowers. Why can't they build homes like those in Arizona?! Why can't they have charm and character and be different from each other? My dream: to live a neighborhood like that, but in AZ. Maybe some day it'll come true.

Even though the humidity seems to be 90% all the time here, Deacon & I have to get out and get some fresh air so we walk around outside for a bit. It was a beautiful day, minus the thick layer of humidity you could clearly see. Deacon was so funny. Normally, he is so distracted with everything around him that he won't look at me for me to take his picture & when he does he can be quite serious and wont smile, but today he was all smiles. He'd be looking down in the grass or out at the cars and then I'd call his name and he'd give me a huge smile. What a charmer.
His serious face. I wonder what he's thinking. Some say its intimidating. ha ha.
And he's done with taking pictures; on to more important things, his shoes.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Deacons already getting into trouble.

The other day he was playing on the bed, I walked away for one second and found that he had discovered a pen laying near him. He loves to play with anything and that went directly to his mouth...although I'm still curious how he got the cap off.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Thursday June 3, 2010

Its day 3 of selling and day 4 of being here and our 3rd move. Turns out there is a nicer hotel in town. We are booked for 7 nights here at the Hampton Inn. Hopefully this time we’ll stick with the plans. Don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly happy with staying here. They have a great breakfast, hot chocolate 24/7 and homemade cookies in the lobby after 6pm. It's nicer and feels a bit safer then the creepy/scary, movie feeling of Days Inn, with the doors of the rooms facing the parking lot. And, to be honest, I went and bought sheets-to put over the bedspread, cause I didn't want Deacon to play on their bedspread. And I put one on their couch too. Terrible of me.

Thankfully they made it home safe yesterday…last night we had Josh over for dinner when the guys got home from selling. And he told me a frightening story.

He and Jason car pool to their neighborhood, since they are just a few blocks from each other. When the sun was setting Josh was driving past the projects on his way to pick up Jason; he said he saw some guys dancing around a car that was blaring music waving their hand guns above their heads. He immediately called 911 to report them. After the night before, with people telling Jason to hide, he decided he would stay north of the projects when it got dark. Good thinking. I am just glad they both made it back safe and sound!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Road Trip.

This summer we will spend it in the Dirty South.

Although very unlike Jason, [he’s a people person, but definitely not a salesman], he decided to try his luck at selling security systems with APX.

On Saturday May 29, Jason, Deacon and I left for our 3-day road trip to McComb, Mississippi.

A few nights prior to leaving, Deacon had been waking up more than normal in the middle of the night, crying out in pain. He was his happy self during the days sometimes acting a little more fussy and clingy—but around 7 months we read that babies go through that stage—so didn’t think much of it. He didn’t have a temperature but Jason and I both noticed that he would tug more at his ear {he will sometimes do that when he’s tired}. So before we drove out of state I took him into the Urgent Care Saturday morning…just as suspected, the poor little guy had an ear infection.

Just Great. Not the best news with traveling.

We picked up his prescription, gave him some Tylenol, packed up the car and made our way out of Az. We drove 8 hours on day one. Luckily we only had to stop three times with the last stop being our final destination in Van Horn, Texas. We had traveled the deserts of Arizona, New Mexico and finally made our way into Texas. What a trooper that little guy was!

Sunday. May 30. Day 2.

It was a bit longer; driving the whole time through Texas, more than 9 hours but once again Deacon did great-(& only stopping 3 times) -- until that last 40-45mins. As we were heading to my aunt and uncles in Houston for the night, he just lost it. It was just like something from a movie; in a new city, searching for freeways, trying to pay attention to street signs, calming a crying baby and driving in the pouring rain. It was quite a drive.

{no pictures of New Mexico & Texas cause the camera was packed away somewhere in the car. =(--we'll have to take some on our way back...plus, in the words of my mom, "its much prettier once you get past San Antonio." ha.ha.}

Earlier that day as we were making our way to the next town, Jason and I looked at each other and knew that Deacon had a ‘pooper’. Holding our breath we finally made it to where we’d stop to eat some lunch. We pulled D out of his car seat and oh man! There was poop everywhere! Apparently ‘someone’ (I think it was me) didn’t put the diaper on straight and it made quite the mess. All over his car seat, his legs, his shorts, his little onesie. Yuck! Jason held him up while I carefully removed the layers & gave him a little bath of baby wipes right there in the parking lot. After he was all cleaned up he was sitting in the front passenger seat facing out, while I searched for a new diaper just as I was about to turn and put it on him he shot the longest, largest stream of pee. {just to give a little visual.. if there were a car parked next to us, it definitely would have hit the car door}. It was hilarious. And there our little naked D sat with a perfectly happy, content look on his face.

It took Jason a minute to find the camera, so most of it dried up. But that wet spot on the concrete, yep, that was from Deacon.

Craziest Sonic we've ever seen...an inside eating area with a playground. Strange.

Monday. May 31. Day 3.

We thought that by day three of being stuck in his car seat he throw a fit when we put him in there, but he was happy & laughing when we left the next morning. With only 6 hours of traveling {making our way out of Texas, through Louisiana and into Mississippi} before meeting up with the guys it was a great last leg of the journey. Jason and I were both antsy with it getting so close. I’ve been through Texas before, years ago, but never have driven beyond. And, Oh my gosh what a sight! Jason and I were just blown away with Louisiana. Half of the I-10 is a bridge over rivers and marshes. It was beautiful. But we both thought kind of funny-we had our eyes out on the look out for the Gators and were hoping for NO hurricanes.

To the left of that grey truck is ocean.

On the bridge over the marshes & half of Louisiana.

The Mississippi River.

That saying, ‘when it rains, it pours’ could never be more true here in the south. We were driving through Louisiana and saw a dark cloud coming our way; it was either smog or rain. A few minutes later a few raindrops hit the windshield and not more than 10 seconds later we could barely see the car in front of us. It was raining SO hard. [We prayed. At least I did.] We were a little scared. Shortly after that cloud passed over us. And we were seeing the sun once again.

After getting settled in the hotel Monday evening in McComb Mississippi, we heard sirens. Jason immediately thought, “TORNADO!” {it had been cloudy} I tried to calm his nerves with “maybe its just a drill, to make sure they are working like they do in Hawaii.” Come to find out, sure enough Jason as right—it was a Tornado warning. Thankfully it was just a warning. The storm had passed and we were safe.

Although we were both really nervous with driving for 3 days with a 7 ½ month old, Deacon did great! We had to stop about every 3 hours to let the little guy out of his car seat and stretch. He was the happiest little dude on earth when we took him out. Giving us big hugs and smiles. He even went back in his seat in pretty good spirits. He was a very good napper too—sleeping about 2 hours then just entertaining himself for an hour when he’d wake up. We are both thankful that he did so well!

Jason and I will be married for 4 years come this November, and this was our first road trip together {the hour long trips into Honolulu when we lived in Hawaii don’t count}. It was a great trip. With Jason studying like a mad man & us barely seeing each other over the past 2 months, it was so fun to be able to talk and laugh together. And just enjoy each other’s company. He was crackin' me up with his critiques of each state we'd pass through, "I don't like New Mexico, I don't like Texas, I don't like Louisiana." Due to crazy drivers, bumps on the interstate, or getting confused with directions. [I'm a pretty good navigator, but he just wouldnt trust me.] I love him. So grateful for my best friend.

So here we are. Already moved to our second hotel, the Days Inn {not the nicest, but recently renovated and with being in a little town what do you expect} and a little bit further north, Brookhaven, MS. The managers put Jason in quite the area yesterday. The guys each have a section of neighborhoods in the towns and he was working close to the projects. He said as it started to get dark with the sun setting he had a couple of older people tell him he should get out of the area. He was waiting for his ride & one told him while he was waiting “you should go hide in the field”. Luckily he made it home safe. This summer will be an adventure that’s for sure.

While he’s out during the day and until the sun sets Deacon & I get to sit in the hotel. We would enjoy some time outside, maybe pool side, but with it being the start of hurricane season for the past 2 days it has been cloudy with rain in the afternoons/evenings. Deacon and I play together and when he naps, since I didn’t bring my sewing machine, I decided it would be a great time to read, journal by way of blogging and enjoy a nap myself.

So here’s to a summer of working & hotel living in the South.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


For the past 6 years Jason & I have dedicated our
time to a great TV series.
We anticipated Wednesday nights at 8. Even through school, we would get all our studying done or take breaks and rush home to watch. It would be the hot topic of conversations at church, at school, at play. We would have friends over for enchiladas and LOST.
And now it has come to an end.
For the season finale Jason and I got together with
Kevin & Heather Baker.
[The little ones were put to bed shortly after it started, we had to minimize all distractions.]
Earlier that day, I made a homemade yellow cake and with the help of my mom, Jason and Valerie we paid our final tribute to the show.

Although not completely satisfied with the ending {still lots of questions unanswered that we might just have to watch all the seasons again}, Jason & I thought it was a good finale.
Thank you to LOST and for the last 6 years.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the past couple of months

I've been slacking terribly on my "journal-ing". So, heres what's been going on.

{that flash took him by surprise & I know so ghetto, his hat's a little too small but it was cold & I couldn't find his beanie}

We started out by celebrating Easter weekend by going to the Mesa Easter Pageant. We hadn't been in years. It was a great way to start off the Easter weekend. And with all the people in attendance, we ran into some friends that lived in our building & ward in Hawaii, the Andersons, as well as the Danielsons.

Easter Sunday we got to spend with both of our families. We watched the morning session of General Conference with the Ellsworths and then spent the afternoon watching it at my parents. Followed by a traditional ham, funeral potatoes and asparagus & rhodes rolls Easter dinner. To be topped off with requested homemade Lemon ice cream & the traditional chocolate bunny cake. Yum!
Thank you to Aunt Natalie & Uncle Justin for the Easter basket!

We cant believe its already been half of a year,
Deacon turned 6 months old!
We took him in for his check up-- Weight: 18.5 lbs. Lenght: 28 inches long.

We celebrated Valeries Birthday with having a barbeque at Tressa & TJs house followed by a rousing game of Trival Pursuit.{half of us hated the game. getting the most difficult questions. questions like that would be the million dollar question in 'who wants to be a millionaire'. while the other half got questions like, "how many days in a week." seriously. oh well, we tried to put on a good face anyhow.}

A week later we celebrated Marcs birthday with pizza and several rounds of Blongo ball {a game}. And sneaking peeks at the Suns game playing inside.--So happy they won.

With Tressa's due date just around the corner Jen threw her a beautiful baby shower.

With Mothers Day coming up, we decided to have a little photo shoot of Deacon and give a picture or two to our mothers.-they were both saying how they wanted pictures of D. He started out being SO serious but ended up taking some really cute ones.{This picture puts a smile on my face every time I look at it. ha ha.}

We attempted to take Deacons 7 month old pictures..he just wanted to talk & then we just ended up playing.
He absolutely loves it when Jason throws him up in the air.

Since there isn't a routine check up for 7 months, Jason & I weighed and measured his length ourselves, after all it isn't very scientific. D weighed 19.5 lbs and was 28.5 inches long. Deacon is such a joy in our lives. He is always happy. He already has 4 teeth-two on the bottom & two on the top; which makes him look so grown up.

And we celebrated Mothers Day with the wonderful women in our lives. {see below}