Saturday, June 20, 2009


So these last couple of weeks have been filled with many visitors from Michelle's family.  It all started when Noel came out to run the IRON MAN on the big island with her boyfriend David.  Noel aka Nicole aka Nikki did really well and finished in just over 7 hours.  the next to fly in was.....I think Kendi followed by the rest Natalie, Justin, Kent(M's Dad), Maralyn (M's Mom),  and Josh.  They all stayed at a condo at Turtle bay (they had the nicest neighbors in the world...  "He who can do this can do anything").  When the whole fam had arrived 
We did not waist anytime, we knew there was one place to go in Hawaii ....any guesses?  If you said the beach you were way off.  It was Gucci and Nike town... Hello!!  After shopping we hit up "Dukes" for dinner on the beach.  We all went to the beach the next day and the day after and the day after that.  Friday we spent the entire day at the PCC.  Josh was pulled out of the crowd to drink coconut milk.
On Saturday we put the beach on hold until a little later because two very special Ladies Graduated. The First was Mi Corazon Michelle!!!! and the second our sister-in-law Lauren. CONGRATULATIONS!  (more on graduation) 

After Graduation and 3 million photos later we had a BBQ on the beach!!  It was so good not only the food but, a BBQ on the beach with Family and Friends in Hawaii was amazing. 

The rest of the trip was full of adventure.  Thank you all for coming out it was a lot of fun!

No more Wilbur shells on da beach!!!!!!

Hawaii lost two and a half amazing people this last month!  Josh and Hayley moved back to Cali =( .  Josh will start up his graduate program.  We have become really really good friends. (LTF) you can try and figure that out Ba ha ha!  We have traveled, Island hopped, made candy apples, surfed, ate, dressed up for Halloween, beached it up, Sunday dinners, sleep overs, talked story, dreamed, planned Disney land vacation, beached it up #2, Ted's, Matsumotos, Haleiwa eats, Keikies, Castles, Easter eggs, Turkey, Baby showered....together, and much much more.  

We Love and Miss you both     



Friday, June 19, 2009

Devan & Leah!

It has been quite a busy past few weeks here! So one update at a time...

Memorial Day weekend Devan & Leah came to visit us.  They definitely did a lot in a short amount of time.  They hit up the must see's and the must do's.  From cruising waikiki on scooters to tasting the rainbow hawaiian ice at Motsomotos.  I even did something for the first time the honolulu zoo. A few highlights from the weekend included..

 Sunsets on the beach,

 The Honolulu Zoo.
Renting scooters and touring Waikiki.
And the Lantern Floating Festival in Town.
We're so glad you guys came to visit!! 

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Turning off the Alarm Clock

A few weekends ago we had the most annoying visitor, only to be heard not seen. 
Friday morning Jason & I woke suddenly at 4:45am to the sound of a rooster. It drove us nuts  until after 8am. Even throwing pillows over our heads and turning on our loud fan couldn't drown out the noise. Saturday morning we heard him yet again. Once again Sunday morning came with us waking up to him. We couldnt take it anymore!

Sunday afternoon Jason discovered that he was right outside our back window and planned for an attack...He was going to walk around him and chase him down the street and away from our apartment. 

The rooster ended up scaring Jason and running the opposite direction. Haha. 
Needless to say, we got a nice nights sleep without the "Alarm clock" the next morning.