Sunday, May 23, 2010


On Mothers day, in years past after sacrament meetings they would hand out chocolates or flowers to the mothers and future mothers. I always tried to avoid that. I wasn't a mom. And felt awkward standing up so the youth would come by and bring me something.

I finally 'earned' that chocolate.

This year was my first 'real' mothers day.
It was lovely.

The night prior too, my Nonny called to wish me my first Happy Mothers day. She said all of her granddaughters that were new moms were on her mind. How thoughtful. I love her.
The morning of Jason let me sleep in. He made me my favorite...waffles with fruit on top for breakfast {even though they were the toaster kind, they were delicious!}. We went to my parents ward for church. Sacrament meeting left me feeling hopeful and powerful with inspirational talks about the women before me. My mom was giving the lesson in Relief Society so I wanted to stay and listen in. Deacon was being a little stinker so Jason took him home so I could stay & enjoy the lesson.
With it being Mothers day, missionaries are allowed to call home so we got to talk to Kendilyn. It was so good to hear her voice & hear about her progress in the mission. She is doing wonderfully and Loves serving the people of Portland. I can't believe she has already been gone 4+ months.

On this beautiful day we got to spend the day with the women we the morning we spent time with my mom. In the afternoon we were able to go visit my grandma. Her health has not been very good for months now (she fell and broke her hip back in December) But she was bright and sunny. And thrilled with the chocolate she received from dad and the women in her ward. And in the evening we got to spend some time with Valerie.

We are so grateful for each of the women in our lives. For their unconditional love to us. For their incredible example of faith, hope and charity. And for their inspiration to do and be better. We love you!

I am so grateful to be a mom to this sweet little guy.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


We're pretty excited about the playoff season the Phoenix Suns are having!

Our evenings were filled with watching each game intently. And when they start back up again, we'll be there once again too.
Now they just have to sweep the Lakers like they did the Spurs.
Thanks uncle Josh for the jersey!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Although Deacon might be a little too young, we took him a few weekends ago to the ASU research park to feed the ducks.

that one scared me. jason said "dont worry, but they bite."
quick! take a picture.
Ah! there he is again.