Friday, April 27, 2012

Father & Sons

Deacons growing up so fast that this year Jason decided to take him to Father & Sons.
So the boys packed up and headed down to Mt. Lemmon in Tuscon with Kevin & Preston Baker.
About to depart..


That sun is Too bright!

I love camping!
Doing what boys do best, climbing.

I remember camping at Mt. Lemmon one time with my family growing up, but its been too long. Jason said it was beautiful. And pretty interesting, the mountain had 3 ecosystems...desert all the way to pine within just a few miles.
Jason said they had a great time, eat chili & rice, made smores, talked, played, slept, hiked, played more and came home. 

While my 'men' were gone, I got to enjoy some nice 'me' time. 
I got my wedding ring inspected and cleaned and re-dipped,while I waiting up in Scottsdale for it to be finished, I window shopped & picked up some 'chick flicks' for later that evening. Picked up my ring, went and got some Arby's for dinner, baked a chocolate cake {I never get to have chocolate cause Jason doesn't like it, so it was a real treat} and enjoyed watching some movies. I think I watched 3. 
Uninterrupted. It was lovely.  
But I was happy to have my boys back the next day and hear all about Deacons first camping experience. He loved every minute of it. And while I missed being with them-especially because it was his first time camping, it was rather nice to do whatever I wanted to do whenever I wanted too. 

A Very, Very Big Congratulations to Trevor for graduating from BYU-Hawaii with a degree in Business!!!
We really wish we could have made it out there to come see you walk and cheer really loud for you! 
But we were thinking about you. Love you tons! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We love playing outside when the weather is treating us right. 
Thank you for letting us play soccer and be outside for a little while this mid-morning!
I love seeing these two play together.

 Josh and Jourdan got to visit us in AZ for a couple of days before Josh headed off to do summer sales in the South. It was so fun to have them around and be with them. 
One night we got to enjoy a couple of Arizona staples...
Petes Fish and Chips for dinner followed by Bahama Bucks for dessert.

Although Deacon would have loved to have drink the whole smoothie, he didn't.  

Another night we had everyone over to our place for dinner and games. And of course a few pictures. 

And missing a few.... 
We love when family comes to town! Thanks for stopping by before your busy summer! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kendilyn has been dating this guy, Jeremy, in Idaho up at school for just a little while, but has seemed smitten with him. We've skyped with him to get to know him and she's been asking about 'how you know you're in love?'...Well, one night Natalie and Justin invited us and my parents over for dinner then we all skyped with everyone in the fam. cause we're all living all over the place. 
And then Kendilyn and Jeremy shared some happy news....
They've decided to get married! 
Not an official proposal has happened but they wanted to let us know and let us know and know about the date they were looking into, August 18th. 
SO... congratulations to them!! We're so happy for you guys!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Lunch Date

With Jason working nights we get to enjoy him during the morning/early afternoons, and so thats when we get to have our dates. Today we got to have a family date. A trip to the mall to window shop and lunch at Panda Express--Jason's favorite. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Freestone Park

With the weather still nice Deacon and I decided to head to Freestone Park to play & feed the ducks. Deacon had fun on the playground equipment then we decided to head over and feed the ducks. Then it was snack time. 
The groundsmen where there mowing the lawn and trimming the trees, Deacon was infatuated with them! He tried following them around most of the time. 
As we were leaving, we decided to check out the little park on the far west side of the park. Just as we were getting there someone on a lawn mover drove by and off ran Deacon. He chased that guy for quite a long time, back and forth the big soccer fields. It was pretty funny. 
I wish I got a few pictures of it, but he was much too fast.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Arizona Museum of Natural History

We spent the morning together as a family at the Arizona Museum of Natural History. 
We had a good time seeing the dinosaurs, the huge turtles, what the jails were once like, 
being on TV and panning for gold. 
I love my boys!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter this year was a little different. But so much fun. 
We both wanted to be with both of our families and wanted Deacon to be with his cousins so we invited both of our families, the Bullocks and Ellsworths, over for an egg hunt for the young ones, dinner & dessert for all followed by blongo ball for the older ones. 
We are pretty lucky that our families like each other and get along well. 
In the words of Marc, "it was a fabulous time". ha ha. 

Since we have early church, the Easter bunny came after church. We took a few pictures, see below, then let Deacon find this basket left by the bunny.

Kisses for Daddy.

A few family pictures...
(Thanks to Trevor for this edited one!)

Funny Faces.

     He found it! 

And he was pretty stoked the Easter bunny left him "The Lion King".

The Decor.

The traditional Bunny Cake. Thanks Mimi!