Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Be-lated Easter.

Easter Festivities....
Saturday Night we dyed Easter Eggs with the Wilburs and the Prescotts, we all had a great time putting our creative minds to work.  

Little did we know Jason & I were both doing the same thing at the same time. 
Easter Sunday
Josh and Hayley Wilbur invited us over for a delicious Easter dinner: Turkey, stuffing, scalloped potatoes, asparagus, and dinner rolls-YUM! Followed by a tradition in my family, Bunny Cakes. 

End of Winter Semester!

On behalf of Jason, Thank Heavens the semester is over! 

Jason had a busy semester, full of Advanced Physiology, Advanced Physiology Lab,  Microbiology, Microbiology Lab, Senior Biology & Student Development (that one was required for work).  But this was his last busy and full semester of his undergraduate degree. The last term will be filled with a few exercise & religion classes and the last semester, this fall, will be a reduced load with taking Biochemistry, Biochemistry lab & Research & Thesis. 

Unfortunately, the fun of studying isn't over just yet though, Jason is scheduled to take the Dental Admission Test (DAT) June 2, so he will spending his days for the next 7 weeks in the library preparing. Poor Guy. 

As for me, I have been working as a babysitter for two adorable girls, ages 2 and 3. I also recently started working in the gift shop at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Both jobs and a recent calling in the Relief Society are keeping me busy and I look forward to afternoon naps when I can take them. =]  But its nice to be busy since Jason isn't around to keep me company.