Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I hate going to bed with dry hands and feet, (I know, weird) so I always put lotion on beforehand. Because I do, I keep a bottle of lotion on the side of the bed. Sometimes Deacon will grab it and put a little on his legs (cause I do that to him after his bath and he sees me do it on myself).
This time he went a little crazy.

Every mom knows when the house goes quiet their little one(s) are up to no good.

The house went quiet one morning and I found him sitting in his chair, with the bottle of lotion and super moisturized hair.
Maybe because he was wearing jeans he didnt know where else to put it, so into his hair it went.

It went from this....

To this....

Cheesy smiles.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

One post at a time & I'll finally get there...

I have much to catch up with...especially since it's been a year since I've posted anything. I get so overwhelmed because it has been so long and there is SO much to catch up on that I just don't post. But I gotta catch up. So here it goes...

The other day I was pulling weeds in the yard, I wanted Deacon to come out and get some fresh air so I brought out a toy that I knew he'd play with and went about my weeding. I didn't hear anything for a bit from him so I came around the corner and found him like this...

He must of wanted to cool off, cause he was sitting in water. That or he was bored and trying something new. He's so funny. He is full of the funniest facial expressions, I'm glad I caught a few of them.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The day before "The Big Day" the Hawkes invited all the Bullocks over for a BBQ so the whole family could meet and get to know one another.

Before the BBQ we arrived early to help them with whatever last minute wedding things we could...we worked on flowers and the take-away gift the guests, a little gift bag filled with brown and white gum balls. It was fun to spend time with Jourdans family. They are great people and Josh is lucky to marry into such a down to earth, fun, loving family.

I was having such a fun time chatting with the family that I didnt take many pictures. But here are a few...

After the BBQ we all headed back up to Mantua. Everyone minus Jourdan. We had a great time hanging out together as a family. Talking, Laughing, Joking, Telling Stories....We missed Lauren! And Jourdan. (but she wasn't allowed to be there. he he.)
And announcing some good news.....With me being so sick with being pregnant, we  really wanted to keep the secret a little longer, but decided to announce another grand baby, niece or nephew would be joining the crew next year!
Josh we're so happy for you and are excited for your big day tomorrow!