Thursday, February 25, 2010

Deacon Turns 3 months and then 4

So it has been a while since we have posted anything on the blog..... I hope that we don't wait so long for the next post. We have moved back from Hawaii and are now living with the parents for a couple of months.

It has been so long since a post; Deacon has turned 3 and now 4 months old.

In the last two months Deacon has been getting really good at the balancing trick (some people are not fans of this but its fun and he smiles ear to ear at 'his' accomplishment).
Matt and Gina gave Deacon this cool outfit. He looked really good.
The above is Deacon at his 4 Month photo shoot. He is getting so chunky.
He's been bitting his bottom lip and 'chewing' on his 2 little fingers more often, to which we have noticed....
This last week Deacon has two teeth on the bottom (Hard to see in this pic but, they are there) He is growing up so fast.

Why is it when we were kids the summers dragged on and on and now that we are older it feels as if we run by a different clock?