Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So sad. And so big.

This past Sunday Deacon turned 2 months old. And with that comes the dreaded  2 month check up and shots. 
{After taking Immunology last year in school Jason and I decided not to forgo getting his immunizations.} 
He handled the first shot pretty well, just let out a little cry then calmed down, it was the next 2 that were doosies. He cried. Not for very long due to rocking & bouncing him followed by putting him in his car seat and rocking him some more which put him right to sleep. 
Poor little guy.

As far as his stats goes:
he weighed in at 12 lbs, 14 oz. and he is 23 1/2 inches long.  

(They didn't give us the percentiles, but he is quite long)
These past few weeks he has grown so much. He's smiling more. Not just gassy smiles, real ones. He's more alert. More active, kicking his legs and moving his arms until you feel like they could fall off. And 'talking'--well, cooing.  And when he does, it just makes our hearts melt, its the best part of the day! 

 We love when he's awake and 'playing' with us, but we also just love it when he falls asleep on us. 

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our little guy

Well not only is Deacon warming up to the bath he warms it himself.  We both have had to sheild ourselves a number of times=).  
He even has started to like his vibrating chair! (Thanks Eric and Tish)
While I was studying for a test Michelle, Lauren, and Trevor had a little fun with Deacon and I really liked this one.  He has an excellent grip.  

Don't let the smiles fool you, he is a handful =) and we just love him so much! 

Last visitors in Hawaii

With only a couple of months (now weeks) left in hawaii we had some visitors. My Mom, Matt, and Arianna all got to meet Deacon and hit the beach for a little bit. With school going we were not able to hang out much but, we had a great time. It is just too bad there are selfish people that have to steal things.......but we still made it to get ice cream at the dole plantation!

(Above) Grandma and Deacon sharing some love with his new blanket that she made for him. We are grateful for Grandma and Mimi for making our little guy blankets that he will be able to cherish.

See you all very soon! =)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Just a few snapshots from our photo shoot for our Christmas card...{that we never ended up making. ha.}

And this is how we ended the day...Jason in Tara's Snuggie.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving week has become very busy. Which we love.

We started it off by celebrating our 3rd anniversary on Sunday the 22nd.

Then Laurens Birthday on the 23rd. With a delicious cake from Ted's Bakery...her favorite place...with a handwritten "Happy Birthday Lauren" from Ted himself. {at least thats what Trevor said}. The candles were forgotten, so we improvised with using a candle they had at their house. ha.

Thursday the 26th was Thanksgiving. And it was fabulous! There was plenty of food and fun company. It was fun to have more family in town-Laurens parents came into town as Lauren, Trevor and Justin live here. And with Kendilyn living in Hawaii we got to spend Thanksgiving with another Bullock. A few of Lauren's R.A.'s got to join us as well as Kendilyn's roommate Stacey.
After dinner we all 'vegged'. The boys watched a little football....while some of the Ladies {the cooks} rested.
Trevors birthday is the 27th. We celebrated with him that night with another Thanksgiving feast for dinner followed by some yummy desserts. Again, the candles were forgotten, opps! So that candle that was used for Laurens birthday came quite handy.
This bag has kinda become the joke with us...just that its used for everyone for every birthday. And with us leaving the island soon, this was going to the last time we were going to be involved with using it. =(

Monday, November 30, 2009

Called to Serve.

My younger sister Kendilyn had been thinking and praying about serving a mission for our church for about a year. Every time she considered going she just felt it wasn't the right time, until now. 
She completed all she needed to to 'turn her papers in' and while my mom was here visiting Kendilyn received a large envelope from church headquarters on Friday October 30th. 
With family (those here in Hawaii and the others on speaker phone from everywhere else) and friends gathered around she opened her call. 
And for some strange, ironic reason she was called to serve in the same mission our older brother Trevor served in...Portland Oregon. 
She reports to the missionary training center on February 3th 2010 and will be serving for 18 months. 
We are very excited for her and know that she will be a wonderful missionary. 
The Envelope.

The Shock.

The Call.
{Note: its not signed by the President. oops.}

Congrats Kendal!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

3 years.

3 years ago today I married my best friend. 
Best decision I've ever made.
I love him. 

Saturday, November 14, 2009

1 month already!

You know how people say that time just flies, that they don't stay little forever? Its true. I can hardly believe that it has already been a month since we were in the hospital and seeing our little guy for the first time. He really has grown a lot since then. 
When he was born he was 8 lbs 3.6 oz and 21 1/2 inches long. 
At his 1 month check up this week Deacon was weighing in at exactly 10 lbs and 22 inches long. Before he was long and lean, now he's started to pack on the little rolls and get a little tummy; its adorable.

A few pictures from the past month.
Sleeping just like his dad, with his mouth open. 

Jason trying to prevent Deacon from getting wrinkles.

Big Yawns.
Big Smiles. 
Deacon started it! 

Nana.... Mimi..... what's next? =)

 Halloween weekend my mom was able to come out to see her first grand baby. 

While she was here we (Kendilyn, Trevor, Lauren, Jason and I) tried to come up with a name the grand babies would know my mom as.  She knocked down every name we threw out there, Nonny, Gigi, MiMi, Marmi, Momo (mom's mom), etc. Finally on Sunday we came up with something...Kendilyn, my mom and I wanted to bake some rolls for Sunday dinner, we opened up "Nonnys Cookbook" and decided to use the recipe "Nana's Rolls" (my moms grandma). After much contemplation and deliberation of what the grandbabies would call my mom, Kendilyn and I said, "what about Nana?!" I dont know how much she likes it, but we think its here to stay.
Im sorry if you got bored here mom; instead of going to the beach and site seeing we spent most of our time inside and just walking around Laie. Thank you for the beautiful quilt you spent many hours making. Thank you for the walks and talks. Thank you for the help. And most importantly, thank you for taking the time and coming out! I love you! 
Guess the name didn't "stay" for very long; its now Mimi!