Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We got to enjoy Christmas morning as a family. We had a good time with Deacon opening presents. It was so fun with him being older and seeing the joy on his face with every present he got to open.
Deacons really into, "Clifford, the Big Red Dog". A couple of weeks ago, he saw a stuffed animal Clifford at Target, he grabbed it and fell in love. It was sad to take it from him and put it back. He shed a tear. So a couple of days after, Jason and I went back and got that dog to give him for Christmas. He was thrilled when he saw it sitting next to the tree on Christmas morning.

Some bath toys.
Santa brought Jason and I some bikes! Woo-Hoo!

And Deacon got a Radio Flyer 500. He was a little skeptical at first...
But then fell in love!

After we got all dressed and ready for church we headed over to my parents house for the traditional "Poppy McMuffins", slush, homemade cinnamon rolls and to open a few presents. We didnt have much time, with our ward starting at 11, we had about 40 mins. It truly was an "Express Christmas". Everything happened SO fast that although I enjoyed breakfast, I didn't really get to 'enjoy' breakfast.

Kendal and I had each other for Christmas this year. I was lucky, she's so creative and talented. I'm not really a seamstress, but I enjoy sewing. I don't have a lot of supplies, so I asked for some sewing stuff this year. Among other things, she got a bunch of glass jars with lids and put different supplies in for ribbon, thread, needles, buttons and each one of them labeled so cute, with a bobbin attached. I love it!
We said our goodbyes and rushed off to church. We had a good meeting, our wards Christmas program was the week before; which I would have loved it more to have been on Christmas day, but the meeting was still good. Just having Sacrament was just enough..I guess we were ansty to get and be together with family.
After church, we went home to change and headed to the Ellsworth's to spend the afternoon with them. We had a delicious feast. Ham, turkey, jello salad, rolls, Valeries yummy funeral potatoes and green been casserole. It was fun to be with the whole family. Although we missed the Rosenoffs!
Deacon had a nice nap while we ate, and woke up just in time to open presents.

Brennan and Tate got "Stomp Rockets" that Deacon was very impressed with. It's a good thing there were two to them cause when Deacon figured out how it worked, he kinda took over one of them.

We brought over Deacons little roller coaster, cause Luke got one too for Christmas, so they had a good time racing each other.

We had a Very Merry Christmas! And are grateful for all we have and have received. We are especially grateful for the humble birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and his Perfect example for us all. And for this time of year to reflect more on Him.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve...

Its an "Off year" this year for the Bullocks. So Christmas Eve this year we spent with The Bullocks. We enjoyed a Delicious dinner, mom spent all day making it. Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, fruit salad, home-made cranberry sauce. Followed by home-made apple pie, everything from scratch. Oh so good!!

"The stocking were hung by the chimney with care.." We've had these stockings for as long as I can remember. Mom wants new ones. And these past few years she has been done with hanging them up. She hides them. But every year one of us finds them and hangs them up anyway.
They are adorable. And they are a part of Christmas.

After dinner we helped the boys play a game, "Where is your Sock Monkey?"
The game comes with a little sock monkey that you hide {like put on a shelf or some place thats not too hard for 2 year olds} and little cards that helps the kids find it.
"Is it in a room with a computer?"
They loved it. They had a hard time keeping their eyes closed while it was being hidden. Sneaky Victor would watch which direction whomever hid it would come back from.

"No Peeking!"

The boys helped me make "Cereal Treat". A treat that Grandma Bullock use to make. Its full of everything bad for you, and that is why it is so good!
The recipe:
-1/2 box of corn chex
-1/2 box of golden grahams
-1/2 bag of coconut
-1/2 bag almonds
boil together for 4 minutes:
-2 cubes butter
-1 cup light Karo syrup
-1 cup sugar
(I kinda feel like the stuff you boil together makes too much, so I decrease it by 1/4 or 1/2)
Mix together & Enjoy!

Later that evening we got to skype with the Olaves and the Hawaiian Bullocks. With it being an off year, we missed family but thank goodness for technology. We even did a little gift exchange with 'every one' over the internet.
Jason had Nikki for Christmas & got her an itunes gift card (which she wanted). He didn't mail it to her, he sent it via email, so it she got something to 'open' just not the traditional way. It made for a nice laugh with everyone.

When we got home that night, we let Deacon open one present. He wasn't too thrilled that it was pajamas. But they sure looked very cute on him.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Temple Lights.

For F.H.E this week we decided to take a walk around the Mesa Temple for the Annual Temple Lights. It was a beautiful night and wonderful as always to be together as a family.

Picture overload ahead...Deacon was just being silly and did not want to look at the camera, at least when I wanted a picture with him. Oh that boy.

After the lights we headed home to read Luke 2. Afterward, we enjoyed some hot chocolate and watched 'Vintage' Christmas cartoons.
{I found this DVD at Wal-Mart for super cheap loaded with lots of old cartoons (like old when I was growing up), it turned out to be pretty awesome.}

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Silly Boy & Silly Faces.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Deacon was watching "Clifford" in the craft room. He must of found the foam coin stickers and decided to put them on the only thing he could think of....his head.

This is how I found him.

He was too into "Clifford" to turn his eyes from the T.V. screen.

Friday, December 2, 2011

He's 2!

On October 13th 2009, a little angel came to our family.

Where have these past 2 years gone?!
I can't believe our little man is 2!

I had hopes of doing a little family party for Deacon this year, but things didn't go as planned..We talked about doing a BBQ with the weather getting nicer, but before we could set a date Jason got excited to do winter grass and in that went before we could do a party for Deacon. The dates of doing 'something' kept getting pushed back and here it is December, so we'll work on planning for next year instead. :)

On his birthday we decided to enjoy the day as a family.
In the morning we made breakfast, eggs and a cinnamon roll. He loved the "birthday song" with a candle he could blow out.

After breakfast, Grandma and Grandpa came over with Tressa and Luke to wish D a Happy Birthday.
Deacon was THRILLED when he saw the present they brought for him was wrapped in Lightening McQueen wrapping paper. He is a HUGE fan of "CARS".

(He still is very good at giving us a huge cheesy smile when we 'say cheese'.)

We then took off to Makutu's Island. We had never been but it sounded fun. Its an indoor playground; they have a huge tree in the center you can climb all around, in and on, a little movie theatre, arcades, a little aquarium and a toddler section with little slides and foam building blocks.
When we got there, we should have known it was going to be interesting when we walked up to the door and Deacon started crying. He does not like loud places with dim lights.
We 'fun-forced' him anyway and after a few tries he finally enjoyed himself. But ONLY in the toddler area. He wouldnt admit it, but he did like the big tube slides too. He really Did Not like the tree.

We stayed for a little over an hour then went to In 'n Out for lunch.

Then we went home for cake & ice cream....
(I had plans on making the cake look much better, but Deacon was too excited to its either a Train or a bunch of cars backed up in traffic. ha ha. He is very much into either right now. )
Which made him happy that it meant another chance to sing the "Happy Birthday" song and blow out candles.

And presents...

Later that night Mimi & Papa came over to wish him a Happy Birthday and bring him a little something. He was so excited! It was a 'McQueen'
(he has a hard time saying lightening, so he just sticks with McQueen) flashlight.

It's hard to imagine him once a little baby. He has grown up so much.
We are so grateful that he is a part of our family, our miracle baby.
He brings joy to us everyday.
We love you Deacon Kai!