Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We Couldn't Resist! .....

 "She blogs & she has 5 kids." 
The other day I got reprimanded for not having posted in quiet some time.
I'll be better. 

But for now, heres a little update from our Valentines Day/Presidents Day weekend. Brace yourself. Its a bit long.
And I know. It was several weeks ago.
Interisland flights went on sale for super cheap during Valentines Day/Presidents Day weekend. We decided that with it being our last year out here in Hawaii, we just couldn't pass up this chance to go to Kauai. We got a great deal on a rental car, as well as hotel, so we packed our bags and headed out for the weekend. It was beautiful and we had a great time! We definitely recommend it!

Feb. 14th. Happy Valentines Day!

Our first adventure...

Apparently, its where they shot the beginning of "Fantasy Island"

Wailua River. 

Then, the drive up to WAIMEA CANYON
The island in the distance is the last of the Hawaiian Islands, Ni'ihau. 

"The Grand Canyon of the Pacific"

On to our next lookout point.

It was beautifully sunny all day, then the clouds & the cold moved in.

Next stop..

The "sand" was made up entirely of broken and smoothed glass.


We relaxed at a beach in the sun under this coconut tree until...

the rains with the double rainbow quickly moved in & spoiled our plans.

We decided to go to dinner at Dukes. It was delicious! And a great end to a Wonderful Valentines day. 

Feb. 15th
National Wildlife Refuge & Lighthouse

Kauai has several beautiful old churchs.

 On our way to SECRET BEACH

The NENE Bird...we saw at least 10 of them, but none of them 'ne-ned' at us. =( 

Rice Fields
(If you look closely, there are waterfalls on the mountain)

There they are.



This is what happens when you dont have a good grip..

Look at that face! hahah. 

Feb. 16th. Presidents Day.

A beautiful sunny afternoon was quickly taken over by rain & clouds.

So we went to see this waterfall.

And then The BIGGEST chair we've ever seen!

With our flight leaving at 10:30pm, we spent the evening at the movies & hung out at the 'mall' (the only store open was Jamba Juice).  We made it safely home early Tuesday morning just in time for Jason to get a few hours of sleep before his early morning shift at work.
Kauai was so beautiful. We're very grateful we were able to go over and spend the weekend there. Thanks Eric, Tish and fam for the Christmas money (airplane ride).  There was just one thing we didn't get to do, hike the Na Pali Coast.  Dont worry, we'll be back. 

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Happs

A little update on Jason and I...

Jason is working very hard in school. He is taking Microbiology, Physiology, Senior Biology (all with 3 hour labs) and a communications class.  He was in his last semester of his research, but decided to dedicate more time to that this fall semester, so he withdrew.  He is also working hard at work, getting up at early hours to make it work with his schedule. I use to see and be with him all the time, now I barely see him.  He will be studying for and taking the DAT this May.  Then he will be back in school for his final semester in the fall, taking just a few final classes--Biochemistry (for a minor) and his Senior research. 

As for me...I completed my major and graduated in Pre-professional Biology in December. 
I am waiting to "walk" at the June 2009 graduation (hopefully with Jason, he still has to get approval as he will be finishing up this December).   Jason and I were/are in the same major and I must admit it is a little weird not to go to school and class with him. I rarely see him anymore.  But, for now, I am enjoying this time off of school and work.  I get to be good about cleaning my house every week-as now I have time to focus on that. I finally have time to read for enjoyment again.  I get to exercise and not feel bad about it taking time away from studying.  I actually get to cook the recipes I've been wanting to try, but never had enough time to.  And I am looking forward to actually enjoying Hawaii!  There were weeks I went without seeing the beach even though its a block away.  (I say 'look forward to', because this winter weather brings clouds way too often.)  But with me out of school, that means I can't get a job on campus (especially since there is a hiring freeze), which means (thank heavens our rent is being covered by Jasons job),  we have no money coming in...and so the job hunt has begun.  I am looking for a job, but so far am waiting to hear back from places.  I hopefully will start babysitting 2 adorable little girls come next week. But other than that, we're praying that Heavenly Father will continue to bless us.   

We have been greatly blessed. 
We have amazing families. We have made wonderful friends. We love each other. We live in a Beautiful place. We have a roof over our heads, food to eat and clothes on our backs. What more could we ask for. 

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

I must admit that neither Jason nor I are big football fans, however, being from Arizona we were quite proud of the Cardinals this year. Especially with their history. You know what I mean. 
 Overall it was a great game & we had lots of fun watching the game, yelling at the T.V. and eating till our stomachs were about to burst.
Getting ready for the game. Excited to use our 3-D glasses for half time.  
 The Spread.   
 The delicious cake Hayley made. Yum!   

Not as good as anticipated. --the half time 3-D thing.