Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The other night, a Tuesday when we got to have Jason home with us, we had a great dinner together. After we ate, Deacon wanted some ice cream. We talked him into going outside and playing together while the sun was still shinning. Then we could have a treat. 
We had fun jumping on the trampoline, throwing the frisbee, kicking the soccer ball and swinging on the swing. But while we were swinging Deacon said he was ready for ice cream. We sarcastically told him, "go ahead Deacon, go get some." He ran right inside. He was gone for a little while and then Jason and I decided that we'd better check on him.
 I was walking up to the kitchen window and noticed that little guy had pushed a chair over to the island, had all the ice cream cones and all the ice cream out and was trying to find the ice cream scoop. Jason & I got a good kick out it. That guy never ceases to amaze us. 
{I quickly grabbed the camera to catch a few shots.}

{Then I had to go outside to get a shot of what I first saw as I walked up to check on him.}


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Phone Memories.

I was looking through the pictures on my phone & realized I better download them our computer. And then I wanted to blog about them. So here are some pictures & memories captured over the last couple of months.

December 27th....Visit to Nonny & Poppys house with Kendal. Followed by a trip to Last Chance, Deacon was stoked to 'ride' the airplane.

January 2nd.... Stickers!
Deacon thinks its hilarious when his shirt has a hard time coming off his big noggin', he insisted on taking a picture and sending it to Daddy.

January 3rd... Someone stole my phone.

January 5th... Sparklers! Since Deacon missed out on New Years Eve, I let him have a chance to play with some sparklers. He was a little scared at first, until he realized he wouldn't get hurt. Then he wanted to watch them again and again and again.

January 11th... Yep, its comfortable.

January 19th... Pockets.
Jason was standing with his hands in his pockets, so of course Deacon had to do the same.

February 11th... Dave & Busters. We went to wish Acacia, a co-worker of Jason's, a Happy Birthday and stayed to play some games. Deacon liked it a whole lot more than the first time we went when he basically cried the whole time because it was too loud.

February 15th... Costco. Trying to keep him entertained while I finish picking up a few things.

February 17th... Friday Night Movie Night. We usually watch a movie on Friday nights, because by the end of the week I'm exhausted and just want to veg while watching a movie.

February 20th... Ikea. I had lots of errands to run that were running into his nap time. I kept him in his stroller as long as I could in Ikea while I was rushing through the store. I decided to let him out & walk around in the children's section of the store. He walked straight to the bed, got in, covered himself up and said, "I take a nap mom. Good Night."

It's never too early... later that day Deacon decided he wanted to play with water balloons. So, why not.

February 26th... Bunnies! Neil and Jen's rabbit had bunnies so Deacon got to hold one. He was a little skeptical. But the bunny was so sweet.

March 3rd... Cousin Time. We had the Holman's over for dinner, dessert and to go on a bike ride. Deacon loves to play with Victor.

Natalie and I have never looked like each other, except in this picture.

March 5th... Our Fireman. Grandma and Grandpa bought a little fire truck a few months back, and just hadn't had time to put it together so Jason and Deacon went over to set it up. He loved the final outcome. Now we just have to teach him more about steering.

March 7th... Target. We love that store and all the fun things they have there. Like this cute hat. Which we didn't buy cause I know he won't keep it on for more than 10 seconds at a time. Unless its cold outside. But that wont happen again until this coming December.

March 15th... I found him like this. He discovered he can tuck his legs in his shirt. Ha Ha.

Hole in the Rock

The Bakers came over yesterday morning and invited us to do something “fun”. All of the ideas we both thought of were shot down, either too expensive (the zoo) or still closed for the season (train rides through parks). We finally decided on going to Papago Park for a picnic and a little hike.

Jason and I have basically lived in AZ all our lives and he’d never been. I couldn’t believe it. So that was another reason in us going.

Funny Faces.

Jason and Kevin decided to climb all the way to the top, too look down from the whole in the top.


Deacon was pretty worried about Jason and Kevin climbing so high up. “Daddy, get down!” He was very anxious for him to come back down.

Thank you for a 'fun' time Bakers!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Table Re-Vamp

We bought a kitchen table, after searching everyday for months on Craigslist. I didnt necessarily love it, but figured that it was a good price, $90 for a table that expands and includes 7 chairs (apparently someone borrowed one and never returned it to the original owners, hence the odd number). Anyway, we thought it was a great deal so bought it. I figured that I could just paint or stain it to a color of our liking. I'd been thinking about how I wanted to redo it for a long time and figuring out when we'd have money for the a year and a half long time. Finally deciding on black, to match the other furniture.

A couple of weeks ago Ace Hardware was giving away free paint! They were quart size, and I couldn't resist. So, hello, I didn't have to pay a cent to redo our table! Awesome.
I was excited to finally get started on it so started on a Monday during Deacons nap. It took about 40 minutes to do one coat on one chair. Ah! I wanted to take my time and get it done nicely. I worked on it on Monday and Tuesday. But then I got some stressful news on Wednesday...Jason informed me that his sister had wanted to a game night on Saturday, she was going to do it at her house but couldn't, so Jason offered our house.... Oh geeze.
At this point I only had 4 chairs done. And all day Saturday I was helping the YW in a ward with a project so it had to get done on Friday. Which wouldn't be a problem. Except you can not paint with a 2 year old around. So nap times are usually the only time to get anything done. I made Jason take Deacon out of the house on Thursday morning so I could work on getting more done. I finally got everything done, with the paint and one layer of sealer on Thursday night. I was going to wake up early on Friday and get the final 2 coats of sealant done. When I woke up and started to sand one of the chairs, (because you're suppose to sand between every coat of sealer) the paint was coming off! I was freaking out. I didn't want to antique it. So then I tried to sand them with an even finer grain sand paper by hand, paint was still coming off. I was so frustrated. I just decided to just go ahead and antique them, but the paint was having a hard time coming off in some spots because of the sealant. So annoying. I decided too bad, and forget it, I wasn't going to sand between any coats. It might not be as smooth but it will save time. And jason reminded me that {hopefully} we wont have this table forever. It was exhausting. But I finally got it done just in time for game night. I'm glad its done and am happy with the outcome.
So note to self next time...either buy a table you like or don't buy a table with so many bars for the backs. For crying out loud.