Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Decisions, Decisions...

This past week Jason was offered to be a General Manager at one of the Pete's Fish 'n Chips stores. What an incredible opportunity!--We'd get out of debt within a year, make a 6-figure salary right away, etc.  There were many "Pros and Cons" to think about.....Only he'd have to quit school because they needed him ASAP. The owners gave him until today to make a decision. 

It has been a very difficult week for us. The decision was not an easy one to say the least! (the hardest we've ever had to make!,besides getting married, but as mom said, that was an easy one. :])  "Why couldn't they have offered this to us a year ago, or even a year from now after Jason finishes school?" Lots of questions plagued our minds. It's made us nauseous/ sick to our stomachs. They really, really wanted Jason and were offering very good things to us. We weighed out our pros and cons-which was quite the list!, prayed A LOT, fasted (at least J did), went to the temple, read our P-blessings numerous times. We feel that either 'path' in this fork in the road for us would have been good, but it was very hard to figure out the "Best" one for us as a family and Jason as a career move. 

That being said, we've decided that Jason will continue with school. He turned Petes down. 

I know that a lot of people would think that we are foolish to have done that. But in the end we both felt peace and comfort with our decision. 

And so we move on with life and school.

Among all of this, Jason finally got his rotation sites! About time, Seriously! -He's actually meeting the program director about them right now to see if anything needs to be changed and finalizing them. (Nikki, although its a lot cheaper to live in Georgia, I told Jason to tell the director that we'd love to go to Fairfax Virgina instead of Georgia, here's to hoping!!).

 But as of right now we have 4 rotations for the next year. (nope, he didn't get ANY of the sites he put in/requested)
1st--Utah at the University of Utah hospital, from June 3-August 23rd. 
2nd-- Macon Georgia until November 14th. 
3rd-- back to Utah where Jason will do a Pediatric rotation at Primary Childrens. November 18th?-Feb. 20th? (not too sure about those dates & nope, not so excited about the winters up there. ha ha.)
4th-- we end in Az. where Jason got an internship at the Mayo Clinic.(hopefully this will look really nice on resume :]) March-June 2014. 
Then, graduation June 2014 and hopefully within the mix of all this is offered a job somewhere. 

Although it's challenging, for Jason and I, we're so grateful that he's in school!  
We're also grateful for this decision that was put in our way. It's brought us closer together and taught us to depend on the spirit and our faith in our Heavenly Father. 

We know this next year is going to be really tough, but we are looking forward to our continuing life adventures! 

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The Yuan Fam said...

Wow, what a tough choice!! It's always nice to have the peaceful feeling after making such a decision. Sounds like you're doing well!!